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DF3120 Linux picture frame

Here are some useful links. I had many errors during compilation so I post also my own changes in configuration of minifs.

The good place to start are these two spain articles part 1 (translated) and part 2 (translated).
Of cource I cannot forget about the main page of the group, that ported Linux to this device
Another useful straightforward guide you can see here
This utility maybe could put IMG file without need to install Linux

My own compiled image file can be downloaded here. I have enabled CHMOD so if you have toolchain and do not want to compile image, this is the file for you.

Zlib - You have to change zlib donwload location, search configuration files for 1.2.5, you have to change the URL to version 1.2.6
autolib - the same here, last version is donwloaded but you have to supply version 2.2.4 in your config

I'm running on Windows 7 Pro, for development purporses I installed VirtualBox with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Flashing IMG file:
I was not succesfull with DD copying the file to the SD card. First I copyied the IMG file to the /dev/sdb but you have to create some partition ( for example with gparted ) and then copy the IMG to /dev/sdb1 (notice the number 1).