LwIP MQTT client library

Monday, May 26, 2014| Tags: lib, mqtt, lwIP

Some time ago I needed simple plain C MQTT library for my TIVA LM3S6965 board (former Stellaris, former LuminaryMicro). I started rewriting library from Fan Yilun who written nice C++ library for MBed.

So I’ve created simple library on top of lwIP TCP stack. I’ve added some cleaning when you disconnect, also periodic keep-alive messages are handled “in background”. You can also register your callback routine.

Github repo


mqtt.c API

void mqttInit(Mqtt *mqtt, struct ip_addr serverIp, int port, msgReceived fn, char *devId);
uint8_t mqttConnect(Mqtt *this);
uint8_t mqttPublish(Mqtt *this,char* pub_topic, char* msg);
uint8_t mqttDisconnect(Mqtt *this);
uint8_t mqttSubscribe(Mqtt *this, char* topic);
uint8_t mqttLive(Mqtt *this);
void mqttDisconnectForced(Mqtt *this);

You have to implement variable msTimer which counts number of milliseconds from start of the program. Also call mqttAppHandle() in the main loop. This function handles keep-alive packets. Connection tested with mosquitto MQTT broker.